Here’s How to Use Etsy to Dress Head to Toe in Bisexual Pride Flags

Sure, a patch on your jacket might signify your bi pride, but we bet people still assume you’re either straight or gay. We at Biscuit have hit upon a solution. With the help of the makers of Etsy, we’ve put together the only list you need to deck yourself in bisexual pride from head to toe.

Let’s start at the top.

1. Start with a bisexual beanie to keep your ears warm and notify people of your sexuality

£17.20 from BeaBugil_570xN.819682387_sw2m

2. Add a scarf for extra snuggliness

£25.00 from InfuriatingBisexualil_570xN.761441947_7kwf

3.Throw on a subtle slogan tee

£19.55 from Umbuh il_570xN.853498741_ghmt

4. A skirt

£28.95 from FallenAngelCreationsil_570xN.1029459589_c8bm

5. Or leggings

£31.30 from FallenAngelCreationsil_570xN.1029459425_9mcs


6. Before topping off your look with the perfect shoe lace

£2.94 from ColourBazaaril_570xN.423407537_n5a3


Now add accessories, with…

7. A pair of bi pride earrings

£11.69 from GirlPowerPendantsil_570xN.1004352562_lm4l

8. Matching necklace

£7.78… Continue reading

10 of the Best Bisexual Pins on Etsy

Enhance your jacket or backpack with an identity affirming pin or two, from the treasure trove of Etsy.

1. Go Simple

With a classic button from CatStasher


2. Show your romantic side

With this enamel love heart from Compoco Pop


3. Keep it classy

With a monochrome statement from wordforwordfactory


4. Embrace your various identies…

With a bundle from CwtchPride


5. … or share with your friends

With Bimblesnoot’s cute selection


6. Put the Bee back in LGBT

With an apiculturists delight from theartfulscientist

il_570xN.972834684_4acd7. Get pixelated

With some throwback crafting from BowsbyRia


8. Submit to the inevitable cash-in

With a bisexual Poké Ball by EllenKayDesign


9. Subtly combat erasure

With a declaration from astropuke


1o. Re-live your emo phase

With a vespertilionine pun from shopfives


Ten Bisexual Pride T-Shirts to Rock this Summer

Like you needed an excuse to go shopping.

Show your bi pride and also your Neko Atsume love


£20 Redbubble

Pun like only a bisexual can with a cheeky Star Wars ref



£20 Redbubble

Provoke a conversation (that proves the slogan right)


£13.50 CafePress

Riff on a classic question

when did you decide

£various Spreadshirt

Stay subtle with an understated insignia


£14.92 Etsy

Make a statement for pan/bi unity


£23.75 Zazzle

Be a bisexu-owl


£17.52 Redbubble

Reclaim a stereotype or two

cake eater

£various Spreadshirt

Go simple and straightforward


£11.47 Etsy

Or be vaguely threatening


£25.65  Zazzle

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