Sexual Revolution

Janis Hetherington – Part 1: "A graphic sexual voyage"

Janis Hetherington

Embarking on my brothel career

Janis Hetherington tells Biscuit all about her explicit new book, Love Lies Bleeding: Memoirs of a sexual revolutionary

Love Lies Bleeding is a graphic sexual voyage. It explores in detail, sometimes brutally, the journey of a female who was aware at a very early age of her sadomasochistic and lesbian tendencies.

It has upset many people that I began the saga by detailing fantasies I had at the age of four. It is not the story of a victim and has therefore been subjected to some vitriol by those who mistakenly feel I condone child molestation and encourage self-harm. What I try to achieve is an understanding of the process I went through to obtain sexual gratification.

I was also the first lesbian to have openly declared that I was artificially inseminated, 42 years ago. When I bore a son, my late female lover was… Continue reading