Four Reasons This Bisexual Article is Definitely Not Clickbait

Being bisexual is great. In fact, being bisexual is so great that if a bisexual is not skipping down the road singing ‘I Am What I Am’ and waving the bisexual pride flag, it can only be because they’re asleep. It’s f*cking awesome, apparently. LUCKY!

1) You’re the most alluring individual most people know

Bisexuals are just so exotic. Y’know, like parrots. And, like parrots, you can teach them to repeat phrases, like ‘society has exoticised me to such an extent that people either think I don’t exist or that I’m a libido with legs’, and ‘lesbian and gay communities are resolutely biphobic’.

You’re so sexydifferent that it can make you feel lonely and isolated, and that’s just one of the reasons that rates of mental health problems and eating disorders are sky high among your peers. In fact, if you’re a bisexual woman, you’re fully 37% more… Continue reading