“I’m Not Interested In Moaning That All Men Are Hard Done By” – A Defence of Women Only Spaces

2000px-Williamsburg_restroom_sign_cropped.svgIt seems like one of those debates that never ends: are woman only spaces empowering or discriminatory? Are they valuable or dated and unnecessary? Do they build bonds, or build walls?

We hear a lot from men who are against the concept, but bi activist Grant Denkinson is not one of them.

I’m a bisexual cisgender man and if women choose women-only spaces that is their business and not mine.

However, some people might be interested in my opinions including other men processing how they feel:

The first thing I think of is feeling excluded; unwanted; not allowed in. I’m a bit sensitive to that sort of thing as many of us are. I might feel a bit frustrated or annoyed.  One of the things I’ve learned from polyamory is to stop a moment and take notice of feelings like jealousy; This might be a similar feeling. I… Continue reading

Dear Joanna: "I mainly date women – what if no one believes I'm bi?"


Dear Joanna,

I like men and women pretty much equally but find it harder to approach and date men – I don’t know why, it’s just some sort of block I have. So I just end up with women.

I know my feelings make me bi but because I never sleep with men I just worry that everyone thinks I’m gay and just saying I’m bi for some reason.









Hi there!

I’m sorry you feel like you don’t get to be true to yourself because of this “block” when it comes to men. Apart from possibly causing you to be seen as gay, it’s also preventing you from meeting potentially amazing partners, which is a shame. If you can, try to work out the cause – was your last (or a past) relationship or experience with a male a particularly negative… Continue reading