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10 bi-fabulous things to do instead of going to Pride

800px-Dykes_on_bykesWith pride season well and truly upon us, Biscuit regular Valarie Clark-Neff talks us through some ways to honour your badass bi* self without putting up with the crowds…

I don’t know about you, but every year during Pride month I struggle with the thought of participating in our local parade. I love the people, the dazzle of rainbow colors, the dykes on bikes, the in-your-face queerness, and the sense of feeling comfortable with people who share my struggles.

What I don’t like are the crowds, noise, and heat. It’s all a little too much for this socially anxious person. I’m certain many of us struggle with similar issues whether it is anxiety, depression, disability, or any number of factors that keep us from participating. Pride is fantastic, but it’s not the only thing we can do to show pride in our community. So in the spirit of reaching… Continue reading

Lipstick that sticks! Permanent make-up uncovered

Sick of mascaraed cheeks and lipsticked teeth? Chloe Marshall shows us the wonderful world of permanent make-up…

makeupPutting on make-up every day can feel like a chore, and yet some of us dutifully apply it every morning at the expense of extra time in bed. After a sweaty cycle or tube ride to work, said make-up may have migrated to another part of your face, making it less than presentable. Fortunately, semi permanent make-up offers a solution: have your eyeliner, brow liner and even lipliner tattooed on and then forget about it.

Micropigmentation is the technique used to apply particles of coloured pigment below the surface of the skin, using a fine needle at a depth of around two millimetres. Since a conventional tattoo goes in deeper at three millimetres, you can expect the make-up procedure to be significantly less painful than a tattoo. However, given that semi-permanent make up… Continue reading