Kick homophobia out of sport

World Rugby pledges to tackle homophobia in the sport

In a mirror of the long-running Kick Homophobia out of Football campaign, World rugby (formerly the IRB) has pledged to work together with International Gay Rugby (IGR) on the promotion of equality in the sport.

A document signed by the organisations this week promised to uphold “the right of any player, official and spectator to be involved with rugby without discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation or identification” and promote “the common goal of inclusion and the elimination of homophobia in rugby.”

World Rugby and IGR will consult with  members of the LGBT community on the issues that are important to them. IGR chairman Jeff Wilson said “We are committed to partnering with World Rugby to continue our work of making rugby the most inclusive and tolerant sport in the world”.

World Rugby Chairman Bernard Lapasset said “Rugby is an inclusive sport which has at its heart character-building… Continue reading