Islington Arts Factory

Biscuit Attends Winter Pride Art Awards

9510The Emerald Winter Pride Art Awards were held last night at the Islington Arts Factory. Submissions were sought on the theme ‘Line of Beauty – exploring sexuality, gender and identity’ and the competition was open to all.

The winning artwork was Madame Moustache by Sicilian artist Rosso. The painting recalls Manet’s Olympia, and explores contemporary ideas of gender and beauty.

Speaking to a packed house, campaigner Peter Tatchell said, “The Emerald Winter Pride Art Awards is an example of how art can help shape people’s attitudes towards the LGBT+ community. Don’t accept the world as it is. Dream about what the world could be – then help make it happen”.

The event also featured poetry by LGBT Poet Laureate Trudy Howson and music from the Korros Ensemble.

The event was sponsored by Lesbian and Gay (sic) Insurer Emerald.

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