Here’s How to Use Etsy to Dress Head to Toe in Bisexual Pride Flags

Sure, a patch on your jacket might signify your bi pride, but we bet people still assume you’re either straight or gay. We at Biscuit have hit upon a solution. With the help of the makers of Etsy, we’ve put together the only list you need to deck yourself in bisexual pride from head to toe.

Let’s start at the top.

1. Start with a bisexual beanie to keep your ears warm and notify people of your sexuality

£17.20 from BeaBugil_570xN.819682387_sw2m

2. Add a scarf for extra snuggliness

£25.00 from InfuriatingBisexualil_570xN.761441947_7kwf

3.Throw on a subtle slogan tee

£19.55 from Umbuh il_570xN.853498741_ghmt

4. A skirt

£28.95 from FallenAngelCreationsil_570xN.1029459589_c8bm

5. Or leggings

£31.30 from FallenAngelCreationsil_570xN.1029459425_9mcs


6. Before topping off your look with the perfect shoe lace

£2.94 from ColourBazaaril_570xN.423407537_n5a3


Now add accessories, with…

7. A pair of bi pride earrings

£11.69 from GirlPowerPendantsil_570xN.1004352562_lm4l

8. Matching necklace

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Janis Hetherington SPECIAL: "WTF, Dolce & Gabbana?"

syringesJanis Hetherington was the first UK woman in an openly same-sex couple to be artificially inseminated. Unsurprisingly, she saw fit to have a few words about the Dolce & Gabbana debacle…

So I’m sat here surrounded by voluminous column inches about sproglets. Not your any common or garden sprogs but those requiring a lickle bit of nuture against nature as I do each spring in my greenhouse. Selective breeding so to speak. Making sure my pelargoniums do not conspire with my super-white geraniums and breed a puce variety that will alarm my bedding scheme.

All very acceptable at Chelsea Flower Show and especially amongst the giant veg brigade spiking each others entries with unspeakable wraths come the late Summer shows BUT we are talking about humankind here and selective breeding as we all know is the strict realm of toffs and warlords. So wot’s up DOC? Well Doc is indeed guilty of test tube conspiracy. Oh! What does go on in those breeding dishes that gobble up our defective genes?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Genes? Well actually jeans or rather non jeans. Do Dolce & Gabbana possess or progress 501s? Of course it is the other genes they’ve made pronouncement about and upset poor old Elton and Martina (those icons of all things mildly or even vermillion pinky) to such an extent that boycotts and burnings at the stake are threatened throughout pinkdom and even faghaggerydom.
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