Chloe Marshall

The trials and tribulations of playing hard to get

Playing Hard to Get

© Ehud Kenan, used under Creative Commons license

Chloe Marshall wonders how much thrill the chase really holds…

A man smiles at you across the bar, you coyly look back and then away, not wanting to seem too keen on the uptake. You might really fancy him, but you want to present him with a challenge, like a porcupine whose quills stand up on end when on the defensive. You might wait to give him your number, wait to reply to his texts, and generally behave in an evasive, aloof way when he asks to see you – purposely playing hard to get. Because, so the theory goes, you’re the mysterious oh-so-desirable woman, who he works extra hard to impress, thinking that you must be worth it in the end.

Does this dating mantra work, or will your pursuer just give up, concluding that you’re a selfish, self-centred cow?… Continue reading