Survey Finds Biphobia Alive and Well in America

7872546824_92e7af06e9_bAlmost half of adults would not date a bisexual person, according to a survey of 1000 adults across the USA.

We are often told that bisexuality doubles your chances of a date on Saturday night, but the reality may be that your chances are halved, according to a new survey.

The survey, carried out by sex toy retailer Adam and Eve, found that 47% of respondents would not enter into a relationship with a bisexual person. A further 19% were undecided.

Men were less likely to reject a potential partner because of their bisexuality, with 39% of those polled saying they would date someone bi compared to just 31% of women.

The findings are no surprise to bisexual activists. With belief in the myths that bisexual people are more likely to be unfaithful, pass on sexually transmitted infections and need multiple partners to be content so prevalent, it’s a situation that the majority of out bisexual people have personal experience of.

Marcus Morgan of the Bisexual Index told us, “This sort of report shows how people are hampered – poisoned – by their biphobia. One of the things that surprises people is that the domestic violence rates for bisexual women aren’t half way between those of straight and gay women, but much worse. One of the reasons is biphobia telling people they can’t be trusted.

“It’s this sort of  attitude that keeps bisexual people in the closet and in danger.”



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Libby Baxter-Williams

Libby is a 30-something Londoner, who spends more time reading picture books than is seemly. She became a bi activist entirely by accident, but now she can't imagine living any other way. In the event of an emergency, she'll have a large gin and tonic, thanks.

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