Study shows "more mental health issues than lesbians"

Research published in the Journal of Public Health has revealed that bisexual women are more prone to experience depression and anxiety, to self-harm and to develop eating problems than their lesbian counterparts.

Academics from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine studied 5,706
responses from lesbian and bi women published in the 2007 Stonewall UK Women’s Health study.

Bisexual women were identified as being:

* 64% more likely to develop eating problems
* 37% more likely to self harm
* 26% more likely to experience depression
* 20% more likely to experience anxiety

The difference in figures was mainly attributed to the fact that bi women are less likely to be out, and more likely to experience discrimination if they do come out, than lesbians are. Film at 11, frankly.


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Charlotte Dingle

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