Janis Hetherington – Part 1: "A graphic sexual voyage"

Janis Hetherington

Embarking on my brothel career

Janis Hetherington tells Biscuit all about her explicit new book, Love Lies Bleeding: Memoirs of a sexual revolutionary

Love Lies Bleeding is a graphic sexual voyage. It explores in detail, sometimes brutally, the journey of a female who was aware at a very early age of her sadomasochistic and lesbian tendencies.

It has upset many people that I began the saga by detailing fantasies I had at the age of four. It is not the story of a victim and has therefore been subjected to some vitriol by those who mistakenly feel I condone child molestation and encourage self-harm. What I try to achieve is an understanding of the process I went through to obtain sexual gratification.

I was also the first lesbian to have openly declared that I was artificially inseminated, 42 years ago. When I bore a son, my late female lover was there at both conception and birth. The headlines surrounding both the publication of my book a year ago and other events in my life have concentrated on that issue and not on how I was both able to arrive at this monumental decision and also have the ability to achieve it.

The voyage I made before making that decision takes in brothels in both Paris and London, and numerous infamous court cases involving not just the well-known showbiz names of the 60s but also the notorious gangs like the Krays and their entourage.
The book was impossible to publish for many years since it involved bribery at Scotland Yard and the dealings of wealthy media in that sphere. It is only because of the recent court cases exposing that corruption that more writs were not flying around to my publishers Mira, although they received many threats of both bankruptcy and worse. We decided to publish and be damned, since it was on the grapevine that arrests were about ensue of the very people who wanted us silenced… In fact in book form we had no time to even properly proofread and only did so when the Kindle version finally came out a couple of months ago. The book was launched at the Big Gay Lifestyle Show in October 2012 but many reviewers refused to take it on because of the graphic content at the beginning of the book and fear of retribution from certain names.

It was also condemned by many feminists when I first showed it in draft form some 20 years ago. It seemed I should be ashamed of having taken part in the running of brothels and far from writing that I enjoyed the girl-on-girl experiences that I should wr

ite my experiences from an apologetic stance. Bullshit… Yes I became bored with the continual tedium of beds of nails and spooky coffins but I always enjoyed the lovely girls and never tired of surfing their bodies.

I was also condemned for allowing  ‘men’ (the forbidden species) to not just interview me but also film and edit the many broadcasts and other pieces of media coverage I have been involved in over the past four decades. My response has always been to point to my little son, now a strapping, successful married man of 42 years old, and say “He has a willy but he will always have a choice of who he has sex with. He deserves a voice.”

Me and my son

Me and my son

In fact over the years I would say the coverage has been made by a pretty much 50/50 gender split, with a few who would not describe themselves by gender thrown in for good measure.

For those who find it fascinating to explore their fantasies I hope my book gives them ample opportunity. It also describes the horrors of the darker side of criminal life in the 60s/70s and I make no apology for taking on the plod at their own game. For goodness sake how corrupt can you be to lie (an inspector who subsequently became high up in command in Scotty Yard) about my father being a brothel client when he only came to tell me my mother was dying? Poor Pa – who was President of the Children’s Welfare Officers Association at the time – even had the indignity of a dildo waggled under his nose as evidence of my debauchery. I could see his poor face in the witness box working out who was the receiver or giver of this 12-inch monster. Never has a dildo been exposed to such indignity. The fact I was able to eventually retrieve it and stop it being an exhibit in the Yard’s famous dungeon of evidence gave me great pleasure… although of course the instrument never did.

In reality I used it as a coat hanger. It had been sent to me by a major Labour Party donor. This did not impress the judge, but we won the trials. To find out how – under the most bizarre of circumstances – you have to read the booky. There are a couple of attempted murders and rapes along the way so remember to have a box of tissues handy.

The orgies that took place with the very showbiz names that are being bandied about like confetti in the present glut of exposures were in fact the subject of the Payola trials of 1973/4 but then all the DJs and glitterati were hidden by an alphabet of names: Mr and Miss A to Zeee. The build-up to those trials as a result of the vendetta by a certain newspaper baron against the BBC is explained in the light of the political climate at the time. But it gives some ideas about the current trials that are expected to conclude in a few weeks’ time.

Some of those who took part I give names to because it was legal to do so… The others… Well, you will just have to guess until they in turn either pop their clogs or end up in the pokey…

So do enjoy and remember the contents come with a health warning!

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Janis Hetherington

Outrageously, rebelliously outspoken. Sexually incontinent. Avid supporter of lost causes: ever hopeful they will be transformed, ever fearful that once they are they will become the monsters that trampled them. Janis is the author of "Love Lies Bleeding: Memoirs of a Sexual Revolutionary".

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