Here's the buzz: Bisexuality caused by bees?

http://www.forestwander.comIt’s a favourite symbol for many bi activists, but scientists are now suggesting that the humble bee might actually be the very root of our multi-gender attractions…

A report was unveiled this morning suggesting that anthocyanins, the chemicals present in purple flowers, could be responsible for making people bi. The bisexuality is typically transmitted via a bee sting in late childhood or early adolescence, although some people experience it much later in life.

Dr Abyssinia Woolf, an entomologist at the Bloomsbury University, told Biscuit: “This report is the first which has really shed any light on why bisexuality occurs. We know a lot about how homosexuality can develop in the womb, but attraction to more than one gender has remained a mystery – until now. A study of 100 adult bisexuals revealed that all but one of them reported an incident with a bee sting at some point in their life. The one subject who had no such memory had a history of heavy drinking while at college and admits that he attended many summer picnics of which his recollections were unclear.”

It seems, then, that failing crops might not be the only reason to save the bee. *Bee-five*!



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