Halloween Special: Top Five Clichéd Bi Girls in Horror Films…


Because what’s a scary movie without a crazy bi chick in it? Le sigh…

1. Jennifer’s Body


Bi actress Megan Fox stars as Jennifer, a possessed cheerleader hellbent on getting revenge on her male classmates. Along the way, Needy (Amanda Seyfried) catches her eye…

2. Planet Terror


Marley Shelton plays Dr Dakota Black, an unhappy anaesthesiologist with both a husband and a girlfriend (yawn), who is tasked with treating a town turned into psychos thanks to a biochemical attack.

3. Soul Survivors


Elisa Dushku plays Annabel – who, like all bi girls, enjoys attending Satanic raves. As you were.

4. Hallow’s End


A bunch of students are trapped in a haunted house, facing death. Naturally this is the perfect time to cheat on one’s boyfriend with a female chum. Brandy Little and Amy Jo Hearron get cosy…

DISCLAIMER: And the one we’ll actually kinda let off, ‘cos we love it…

5. The Hunger


What’s not to like about a vampiric Catherine Deneuve getting it on with Susan Sarandon and David Bowie? I’m fairly sure it’s not just me… 😉

Do you agree/disagree with these choices? Any to add? Comment below!

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Charlotte Dingle

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