Review: Chick Habit @ She Bar

chickhabit1Top DJ Jen Long (BBC Radio 1) helped us rip up the dancefloor at last night’s Chick Habit, She Bar’s weekly indie and alternative bash.

You know you’re having a good night when £300 of camera nearly drops out of your hand and transforms itself into considerably fewer £s of parts… and you’re almost having too much fun to care. Oops!

Chick Habit always provides a delicious mix of indie and alt classic and new, with a dab of truly danceable cheese thrown in, and last night was no exception.chickhabit3

DJ Jen Long seemed to be having a whale of time on the decks, chatting cosily with the clientele as she spun. It wasn’t a huge crowd, which is a shame, but there were enough of us to fill the intimate venue comfortably and it was nicely mixed.

Drinks prices good for the area – under a fiver for a big glass of red, yay! – and lovely comfy chairs.

Definitely a weekday treat to recommend.

chickhabit2Chick Habit takes place every Thursday @ She Bar, 23A Old Compton Street, London, W1D 5LB, from 7pm to 11.30pm


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Charlotte Dingle

Charlotte 'Lottie' Dingle is Biscuit's founding editor. When she's not running freelancing for a diverse bunch of clients ranging from Cosmo to Occupy, she enjoys teaching life drawing, discussing life/the universe/everything with her beloved (but smelly) 22-year-old cat, writing flash fiction for her MA course, getting pretentious tattoos, listening to folk music, creating surrealist art, trying to change the world and drinking red wine. Oh, and My Little Pony. Don't forget My Little Pony. Her favourite biscuits are cream crackers (do they count as biscuits?).

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