Joint statement of solidarity from Biscuit, Bi Survivors Network, Bisexual Index and BWithTheT.

Action speaks louder than words and when it comes to inequality, inaction can be deafening. 


Following the 2020 death of George Floyd and the subsequent conversation raised by the Black Lives Matter movement, white bisexual community leaders made a commitment to active and evolving anti-racism. At the same time, so did Pride in London. 

Now, in 2021 the same bisexual community leaders are disturbed by the assertions of structural and institutional racism made by the volunteers at Pride in London, and commend the actions of the Community Advisory Board, who all tendered their resignation on 18 March 2021, due to what they called a ‘hostile environment’.

The events of this week have revealed how deep Pride in London’s problems run. We recognise the description of Pride in London’s leadership as hostile, combative and fixed in their thinking, as well as contemptuous towards minority groups, paying little more than… Continue reading

Coming Out Sucked: How Biphobia Ruined My Coming Out

Screen-Shot-2015-07-07-at-4.10.48-PMComing out in the new millennium is nothing like it was for our predecessors, or we’re told. For them coming out was fearful and even dangerous. For us it should be a joyous occasion. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Biphobia, both external and internal, can make coming out just as hard as it ever was. Here, Alex takes us through her journey.

Coming out sucked.

I remember looking out over the black water as I stood in my favourite thinking place – a now eerily empty and quiet park on my way home in Berlin – and saying those three magical words for the first time: I am bisexual.

The thing is, they didn’t feel magical at all. I spat them out like bile rising in my throat. They never soared, they fell right back down on me, paralysing me with fear and dread. Those three words were… Continue reading

“I’m Not Interested In Moaning That All Men Are Hard Done By” – A Defence of Women Only Spaces

2000px-Williamsburg_restroom_sign_cropped.svgIt seems like one of those debates that never ends: are woman only spaces empowering or discriminatory? Are they valuable or dated and unnecessary? Do they build bonds, or build walls?

We hear a lot from men who are against the concept, but bi activist Grant Denkinson is not one of them.

I’m a bisexual cisgender man and if women choose women-only spaces that is their business and not mine.

However, some people might be interested in my opinions including other men processing how they feel:

The first thing I think of is feeling excluded; unwanted; not allowed in. I’m a bit sensitive to that sort of thing as many of us are. I might feel a bit frustrated or annoyed.  One of the things I’ve learned from polyamory is to stop a moment and take notice of feelings like jealousy; This might be a similar feeling. I… Continue reading

Creator of Rainbow Pride Flag Dies

gilbert-bakerThe designer of the LGBT pride flag, Gilbert Baker has died aged 65. 

Baker, who charmingly called himself  a “gay Betsy Ross,” was found dead at his New York home today.

Baker’s iconic creation, now a global symbol of the gay rights movement, was first produced in 1978 and comprised eight stripes: pink for sex, red for life, orange for healing, yellow for the sun, green for nature, turquoise for magic, blue for peace and purple for spirit. The flag currently in use comprises six stripes, omitting pink and combining purple and turquoise.

The New York Times reports that Baker had recently created 39 nine-stripe flags (the eight original colours, plus lavender to represent diversity) to commemorate the 39th anniversary of the first rainbow flag.

Announcing London BiFest

bifest poster

Giving Up Men is a Slippery Slope

Know-if-You-Are-Heterosexual-Step-10The bi-osphere (geddit!) has reacted angrily to the suggestion from one of our own that we ought to ‘give up men’. Arguments have been made on the basis of gender diversity, self-actualisation and repression.

Our Ed Libby thinks they’re missing one vital point.

Since the Gay Liberation movement first found its feet way back in the 1970s it has been asking bi women to call themselves lesbian, seek only relationships with women, and generally refuse to acknowledge their attraction to anyone else. It was, we were told, not fair to muddy the waters with multi-gender attraction. Better to stick to one and make things easy. It was an act of solidarity, they said. Attraction to one gender is just easier for people to understand. After all, weren’t we all working towards the same goal?

Similarly within the feminist movement, both bi- and heterosexuality were, in some quarters, roundly… Continue reading

“A Real Shift in Public Discourse”: The Biggins Furore Shows Things Are Getting Better

Christopher Biggins’ biphobic remarks have been ruled acceptable by Ofcom. That’s not great news, but there is a sunny side to this situation, says Dr Helen Bowes-Catton of BiUK.

It’s not fashionable to admit it, but this whole Biggins-Big-Brother-biphobia saga really cheers me up- and not just because it’s so delightfully alliterative. I know that’s an odd thing to say, but bear with me and I’ll explain.

Now don’t get me wrong, I was really disappointed that Ofcom, responding to complaints about Biggins’ biphobic remarks on Celebrity Big Brother, incomprehensibly decided that, actually it was ok to be offensive about bisexuals on national TV. Like a lot of people, I found myself speculating wryly about the likelihood of a contestant getting away with similar remarks about lesbians or gay men. But on balance, the way this whole thing has played out seems to me to offer more reasons… Continue reading

Bisexual Men Paid Less than Colleagues, Study Finds

downloadA  study carried out by Professor Alex Bryson of UCL’s Institute of Education has found that bisexual men earn less than their gay and straight colleagues.

The study, published in the journal Work, Employment & Society, describes an income gap of 31%, with average gross hourly earnings at £9.39 for bisexual men. Gay men fared the best, with average earnings of £13.33 an hour, while their heterosexual counterparts earned £12.30.

When similar occupations were compared, the gap fell to 20%. Findings were replicated both inside and outside London.

Read more at DataLounge.com.


INCITE Celebrates Bi Visibility

Incite Flyer (1)


Free LGBT Poetry at an iconic west end venue. Hostess, LGBT Poet Laureate, Trudy Howson showcases poetry as diverse as our community is. This month we Celebrate Bisexual Visibility. With Guest Poets:

SVEN STEARS: Emotionally charged, open heart poetry.

GENEVIEVE L WALSH: Identity. Love. Inebriation and Pop Music.

+ Open Mic slot.  

14th Sept. 7pm. Phoenix Artists Club. WC2.

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