A Hand Along the Way – Volunteering in the Bisexual Community

volunteer-1The bisexual community thrives because of its volunteers. Some are highly visible – those who run events like last weekend’s highly successful EuroBiCon and the heads of organisations like BCNBiUK and the Bisexual Index, others work behind the scenes, doing accounts, designing posters and collecting tea money.  Biscuit fave Cat returns to tell us what the draw is, and how you can get involved. 

I’ve done quite a bit of volunteering work in the UK bi community over the years. I work full time and have children and, as a result, have limited free time – so why do I want to spend it doing more work when I could be relaxing?

Putting something back

I’ve been involved with the UK bi community for 10 years now, since I attended my first BiCon in 2003. Although I had other friends who were… Continue reading

Calling Bisexual Poets!

77145_166372606726066_7259951_nINCITE@The Phoenix WC2 is putting out a call to all bisexual poets to come to, perform at and enjoy our September Celebration of Bisexuality on Wed  14th September – just in time for bi visibility day.
We are looking for established poets for a 20 min guest spot, and all types of poet for our open mic section.
In September our theme is: Who Why and How we are.
INCITE is a free monthly LGBT Poetry event supported by Camden LGBT Forum. It showcases poetry as diverse as our community, in an iconic West London venue.
Please check out our facebook page INCITE poetry or contact me, Trudy, by emailing


Preview: Lesbian Prom @ Scala this Saturday!

1522970_10151761129545670_1341520160_oMissFit presents its first ever ‘Lesbian Prom’ event, this Saturday 15th March from 9pm to 5am @ Scala in London’s Kings Cross

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always really wanted to exorcise the memory of my school prom. Yes, that was me, stomping awkwardly into a sea of classmates as they wrapped engagement-ringed hands round their Lynx-drenched teenage boyfriends, with my slightly terrified female date in tow. Within an hour I was already vomiting copious amounts of fuschia-coloured punch everywhere – probably a pretty much 50/50 result of a) drinking too much of it and b) hearing the 95th Justin Timberlake track in a row.

Imagine my delight when I discovered I could have another stab at becoming Prom Queen – or at the very least the chance to prom it up to a wicked soundtrack with a proper grown-up drink in my hand, minus the bitchy whispers… Continue reading