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Community says gender is a spectrum, science finally agrees.

Prof._Dr._Dick_SwaabThe Medical University of Vienna this month released the results of a study that confirmed what we’ve known all along: gender is a spectrum.

The study was conducted by the Dutch Institute for Neurosciences in Amsterdam as part of a cooperation project between the Medical University of Vienna and brain researcher Prof. Dr. Dick F. Swaab, under the guidance of Rupert Lanzenberger. The study has been published in the renowned Journal of Neuroscience.

Gender is a complex concept, and certain sections of the LGBT community have been disparaging of trans identities, claiming that gender is, and can only ever be, socially constructed. This study provides evidence that gender is determined in the psyche and can be neurally represented

According to a press release:

It [is] now possible to demonstrate neural correlates (analogies) of the identity perception in the network of the brain.

It [is] furthermore possible to detect a strong relationship between the microstructure connections among these networks and the testosterone level measured in the blood. Lanzenberger: “These results suggest that the gender identity is reflected in the structure of brain networks which form under the modulating influence of sex hormones in the course of the development of the nervous system.

The study examined cisgender male and female subjects, and transgender people, revealing significant differences in the microstructure of the brain connections between male and female control subjects. Transgender persons took up a middle position between both genders.
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VD special!: 15 last-minute gifts for the femme in your life

You’ve done it again, haven’t you? All those plans for the perfect Valentine’s day gift have fallen by the wayside and now the big day is tomorrow. You’re edging towards ASDA for a box of Dairy Milk and a bunch of sad looking carnations and moaning about the hetero-patriarchal commercialisation of love. Stop! Biscuit’s got you covered, with our selection of festive treats to suit all budgets. Some of them aren’t even pink. If you’ve left it this late there’s no time to order online, so most of these gifts are from the high street.

dn.aspA really great red lipstick

It is a well documented fact that femmes are powered by lipstick. Don’t let them tell you it’s food and sleep; it’s a lie.

MAC’s Viva Glam I (Debenhams, £15.50) is a classic for a reason. It complements every skin tone, smoothes on like butter and lasts. Perfect.



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Why dating a woman brought out my femme side


“I knew Tara appreciated the effort that went into my naturally pale eyebrows”

It is apparently not obvious that I have natural eyebrows… I have skin so pale it glows in the dark and hair so light that about a quarter of the strands lack pigment entirely. Nonetheless, I took it for granted that everyone knew I had them, because everybody has eyebrows, or at the very least, eyebrow, for those among us who are a little more Frida Kahlo.

I labored under this welcome illusion until I was 14. A friend of mine got up close to my face with hers and examined me with intense scrutiny, an uncomfortable process that brushed right up against my latent attraction to other girls. “You DO have eyebrows!” she announced after what felt like forever, with a bit too much of that triumph in her voice that says she may have actually… Continue reading

Suffer to be beautiful: Bizarre skincare 'solutions'

Photo © Sergio (Savaman) Savarese

Photo © Sergio (Savaman) Savarese

As no stranger to a bit of Botox, I have tried a lot of things to turn back time for my skin. Everything of course, apart from quitting the things that make my wrinkles and crater pores worse. From homemade remedies to spending a small fortune, I admit I would probably try most things. But how far would I really go – is there a line I wouldn’t cross in my quest for youthful, glowing skin?

Hmm. Well, here are some of the more niche attractions on the skincare market…

Thai Face Slapping

The ancient art of Thai face slapping involves someone slapping and hitting your face. Similar to Tapotement – a Swedish massage technique where a series of beatings, slaps and hacking are used to stimulate the skin – it probably sounds worse than it is. Probably.

Fish Pedicures

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KB Fitness – Sponsored post with *COMPETITION* to win sessions!

KB Fitness Banner

Are you finding it hard to get motivated? Are you suffering from gym fatigue?
Get out of that rut with KB FITNESS
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KB Fitness Kickboxing GirlsWe all know that regular exercise is important and has huge benefits for both body and mind, yet finding the time not to mention the enthusiasm can be difficult. Doing the same old gym routine week in week out can be very de-motivating and exercising alone is simply no fun. However if you want to re-ignite your passion for exercise, meet new people and learn something new, look no further than KB FITNESS.

Established in 1999 by Kelly Bunyan, one of the UK’s most successful female martial arts experts, KB FITNESS is one of the country’s leading Martial Arts training centres. It offers a range of structured classes (from beginner to advanced) in KICKBOXING, KUNG FU, SELF DEFENCE… Continue reading

A piercing gaze: Biscuit's guide to showing your metal!

Pierced by Sara Marx

Pierced by Sara Marx

Body modification was once reserved for ancient tribes and underground subcultures, as rites of passage or to show commitment to a religion or lifestyle. Now, flesh tunnels and neck bars are a common sight on most busy streets. Chloe Marshall shines a spotlight on piercings, surface piercings and implants…


Ears, nose, lip, tongue, eyebrow… All becoming more and more common. Even some relatively corporate employers are now relaxing their rules and allowing a flash of diamond on an employee’s nostril to pass without comment. Of course, if your boss makes the evilest dictator look like Bambi, you can still get your belly pierced. Or something a bit naughtier. A nice little secret to think about in a long board meeting, eh?

Surface piercings

There’s a saying “If you can pinch it, you can pierce it!” – and it seems to be true… Traditionally, piercers only… Continue reading

Lipstick that sticks! Permanent make-up uncovered

Sick of mascaraed cheeks and lipsticked teeth? Chloe Marshall shows us the wonderful world of permanent make-up…

makeupPutting on make-up every day can feel like a chore, and yet some of us dutifully apply it every morning at the expense of extra time in bed. After a sweaty cycle or tube ride to work, said make-up may have migrated to another part of your face, making it less than presentable. Fortunately, semi permanent make-up offers a solution: have your eyeliner, brow liner and even lipliner tattooed on and then forget about it.

Micropigmentation is the technique used to apply particles of coloured pigment below the surface of the skin, using a fine needle at a depth of around two millimetres. Since a conventional tattoo goes in deeper at three millimetres, you can expect the make-up procedure to be significantly less painful than a tattoo. However, given that semi-permanent make up… Continue reading