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The Purple List: Nominations closed!


Who are your purple stars?

Nominations for the Purple List have now CLOSED. The full list, judged by a panel of Biscuit writers, will be announced shortly 🙂

It might be Anna Paquin. It might be someone in your local LGBT group.

Whether they’ve been splashed all over the papers speaking out about bi issues or just made waves in your town, Biscuit’s Purple List will honour those who’ve made a real difference to the bi community.

If you’ve got any questions, just drop an email to


Poll results: "Have you ever attended a bi event?"


Things to never say… Part 7: "You're scared to come out."

Part seven of a series in which Biscuit readers and writers give their responses to common misconceptions surrounding bisexuality…

Cover photo © Kurt Lowenstein Education Centre, licensed for use under Creative Commons

Reader poll results: How many out bi friends do you have?


Biscuit's Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign is live!

indiegogo-logoIndecisive… Scared to come out… Greedy… Cheating… Even non-existent! Bisexuals haven’t always had the best press.

Bisexual women frequently find themselves relegated to the realms of porn fantasy or simply dismissed as being unable to fully commit to a lesbian identity. Lumped in with the LGBT, we are all too often conveniently ignored! In a world where gay people are gradually gaining acceptance, bisexuality seems to be the last taboo, and a label to be ashamed of.

Biscuit wants to help change that.

With a sassy, switched-on editorial policy, the site is sexy without being pornographic, intelligent without being elitist, and political without being dull.

Despite being just shy of a year old and run by an editorial team of one, Biscuit already has a nomination for the Stonewall Publication of the Year 2014 award under its belt.

Biscuit’s groundbreaking “Biscuit Index of Female Sexuality” survey has earned coverage across… Continue reading

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Biscuit nominated for Stonewall award! *Bi five*!

stonewall3Woo hoo – we’ve been nominated for the Stonewall Publication of the Year award, alongside Buzzfeed, i newspaper, and Property Week.

The awards ceremony will take place on 6th November at the Victoria and Albert Museum, and you can grab your tickets here

Julian Clary will be hosting, and the rest of the nominees are as follows…

Hero of the Year:
Vicky Beeching
Tom Daley
Pepe Julian Onziema
Ellen Page
Tim Sigsworth

Politician of the Year:
Lord Cashman
Lynne Featherstone MP
Lord Fowler
Kerry McCarthy MP
Alex Neil MSP

Writer of the Year:
Neil Bartlett, The Disappearance Boy
Matthew Cain, Shot Through the Heart
Armistead Maupin, The Days of Anna Madrigal
Veronica Roth, Divergent series
Sarah Waters, The Paying Guests

Entertainer of the Year:
Alicya Eyo
Debbie Harry
Kieron Richardson
Sandi Toksvig
Russell Tovey

Sports Award of the Year:
Thomas Hitzlsperger
Pride House
Michael Sam
Casey… Continue reading

Star in our Biscuit viral vid… No matter where you are!


Yep you can even use your iPhone…

There’s been a lot of interest in participating in our Biscuit viral video campaign from people who can’t make it to London, so we’re opening it up to everyone by letting YOU record your own video segments.

The campaign centres around misconceptions about and prejudices against bi/pan female/female-identifying folk, in a Q & A format with each participant responding to one question or stereotype each. If this piques your interest, please drop me a line at


… Or your laptop…

It promises to be a really exciting and impactful project so please, all of you, do consider getting involved!


Photo © Powell Burns, licensed for use under Creative Commons

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