The Biscuit Purple List 2017

purple_glitter_backdropYour nominations have been counted, your thoughts have been collected and your faithful Biscuit team has cogitated, confabulated and contemplated every single line you’ve written. It hasn’t been easy, but we are at last ready to present the Biscuit Purple List 2017.

We asked you who inspired you, who made you proud and who you though deserved more recognition than they got, and you answered in your hundreds. You told us you value visibility as much as outreach and community building efforts, with household names like Sara Ramirez, Joe Lycett and Nicola Adams appearing alongside prominent activists like Jen Yockney and Meg-John Barker and community organisers like Sali Owen.

From the worker bees of grassroots organising to the Queer elite, the full gamut of the bi community is represented here. YouTube starlets who educate while they entertain; local group leaders who do so much more than just give us a space to… Continue reading

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READERS’ POLL RESULTS: “Do You Identify With More Than One Label?”


Biscuit Poll: “Have you Ever Had Mental Health Problems?”

Almost 90% of the Biscuit readers surveyed told us they’d had mental health problems, with nearly 40% reporting these as”severe”. Read more about bi women and mental health…











“Having Your Identity Denied You Is Preposterous!”: Biscuit’s Libby Appears On Woman’s Hour

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The Biscuit Purple List 2015


Your nominations have been collected, heated discussions have been had and disagreements have been thwarted, and now we are proud to be able to present the first ever Biscuit Purple List.

The Purple List was conceived as a reaction to the bi-erasure of similar honours lists, which neither recognise the work done that specifically benefits the bisexual community, nor the importance using the word ‘bisexual’ to describe the non-monosexual people who do appear in them.

We think that it’s important to make a really big deal about the awesome people who give their time, energy, cash and resources to make life a little bit better for bisexual people. As a group we have lower rates of well being than gay and lesbian identified people. We’re more likely to commit suicide and to self harm. We are more likely to misuse drugs. Our teens have … Continue reading

Coming soon: the first ever Purple List!

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Poll results: "Do you own any 'bi pride' items?"


Calling all writers… Biscuit needs YOU!

purple_feather_penYup, we’re looking for fresh talent here at Biscuit… G’wan, you know you want to!

Keen scribbler?

Passionate about helping increase bi visibility?

Brimming with ideas?

Enjoy getting the odd freebie?*


Then please please drop Lottie and Libby a line:

We need writers across all sections of the site. If you fancy putting yourself forward as a regular columnist in any of these sections, all the better!

*Sadly Biscuit is still a voluntary project at this stage but with any luck we will be able to change that pretty soon if we keep filling the site with awesome articles (chicken and egg, geddit?).