Biscuit Female Sexuality Index – the results are in!

bisexualityIt’s official! A new online survey of 1,000 British women reveals a startlingly open-minded attitude to same sex relationships.

Conducted by your friends at Biscuit, we recruited a random sample of women via Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, asking them to choose which of 15 statements most closely described their sexuality.

While similar surveys ask respondents to identify themselves as ‘gay’, ‘straight’ or ‘bi’ (and sometimes ‘asexual’), Biscuit’s study reflects an increasingly accepted understanding that sexuality falls along a much more specific spectrum.

The study differentiated between behaviour and fantasy, revealing that 26.5% of women are fully bisexual, although some of this group did express a preference for one gender or another. However, the figure rises to 38% when taking into account straight women who have occasionally had sexual contact with a same-sex partner and gay women who have sometimes had sex with men.

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Announcing the 2014 Biscuit Index of Female Sexual Identity

Female bisexual symbolThe survey for our 2014 Biscuit Index of Female Sexual Identity, or as we like to call it ‘BIFSI’, is underway here.

There are five questions – all of them are optional, and the results will be completely anonymised!

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We will announce the results in a few weeks time.

The 2014 Biscuit Index of Female Sexual Identity Survey