Bisexual Man Facing Imminent Deportation


Orashia Edwards, a bisexual man denied asylum in the UK after a lengthy court battle, has spoken to the Guardian about his imminent deportation.

Speaking from Morton Hall immigration  removal centre in Lincolnshire, he told the paper:

“In Jamaica there is a huge amount of homophobia. If you go into the dancehalls and the clubs they play music saying: ‘If you are a batty man you get a bullet in the head, if you are a batty man you are condemned.

“If I go back I will be tortured, I will be killed for sure. Because my case has been covered in Jamaican media there will be no way for me to hide. I’ve already received death threats on social media, people say I’m making the country look bad.”

Edwards, who is father to a young daughter, will leave a circle of friends in the UK. The thirty-four year old will also be separated from his partner Michael Mardell and mother Vienna Brown.

Edwards belives the Home Office has held his previous relationships against him, as in the recent case of  Aderonke Apata, who was told “you can’t be homosexual one day and a lesbian the next” by Home Office barrister Andrew Bird.

Last summer The Bisexual Index said,

“The Home Office have said previously ‘We have changed our guidance to ensure that we do not remove individuals who have demonstrated a proven risk of persecution on grounds of sexual orientation’ yet Edwards is one of the 98-99% of LGB asylum seekers whose claims are still rejected by the Home Office and who face being returned to the threat of homophobic violence, a much higher return rate than other asylum seekers. How can the UK government claim to champion equality for LGBT people while breaking its own rules to deport bisexual asylum seekers? Why […] is bisexuality something that judges can dismiss as not really existing?”

Why is bisexuality something that judges can dismiss as not really existing?

Edwards felt impelled to provide as evidence’degrading’ intimate photographs of himself with a male lover in order to  prove his sexuality.

Paul Dillane fro the Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group told the Guardian,“For too long civil servants have resorted to relying on false stereotypes and humiliating questions to probe a claimant’s sexuality. These practices are degrading and need to stop.”

Leeds No Borders have been campainging of Edwards behalf. You can donate to the campaign on their website.

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Libby Baxter-Williams

Libby is a 30-something Londoner, who spends more time reading picture books than is seemly. She became a bi activist entirely by accident, but now she can't imagine living any other way. In the event of an emergency, she'll have a large gin and tonic, thanks.

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