BiCon 2015, in tweets


As the last remaining delegates slowly dribble out of the university of Nottingham, it is time to look back on the packed weekend of classes, workshops and merry-making general and specific. And since we drank the bar dry of vodka, we’re going to need a little help remembering.

The accommodation was decorated in typical student style

But there was no time to sit around admiring the decor, so we got dressed



Crossed the beautiful campus


And settled in for some serious activism…





We learned some useful new phrases



Experienced a minor maritime disaster

And we definitely didn’t get enough sleep

But we wouldn’t have changed a second of it.  Thanks BiCon!

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Libby Baxter-Williams

Libby is a 30-something Londoner, who spends more time reading picture books than is seemly. She became a bi activist entirely by accident, but now she can't imagine living any other way. In the event of an emergency, she'll have a large gin and tonic, thanks.

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