Marcus Morgan

“If You Wanted Support, You Sent Off For Leaflets” – Finding a Bi Community Before the Internet

associationsWe at Biscuit are constantly surprised how many people simply don’t know that a vibrant and active bisexual community exists in the UK. In the digital age it’s much easier than ever before to connect with people just like you, but what did people do before Google? We asked Marcus Morgan of the Bisexual Index to tell us how he found a community he could call home.

The story of how I came to find the UK bisexual community is one I tell often – if you’ve heard it before I apologise – but it’s a useful example of the subtle, or perhaps not so subtle, biphobia we encounter. Of the way we are delegitimised with the kindest intentions.

I was 21 years old. I worked in a high street insurance brokers on the outskirts of London. I had keys to lock up the shop so I waited… Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE extract from British Bi Guide Purple Prose

purpleBiscuit has been given a sneak preview of Purple Prose, a guide to the bisexual community from indie publisher Thorntree Press now crowdfunding over at Indigogo. The book is billed as “a guide to the bi community in the UK, and an exploration of the issues facing bisexuals everywhere”.

In the first of two exclusive extracts Marcus Morgan, Chair of The Bisexual Index, talks about bisexual activism:

“If you’ve been reading the chapters of this book in sequential order then by now you have a better understanding about bisexuality, the bisexual community in the UK, what biphobia is, and how bisexual erasure (or invisibility) hurts people.

If you’ve been paying attention, you might even be starting to get cross. What right do people have to oppress us, who decided that bisexuality would be erased, what’s the deal with the lack of services, information and support?… Continue reading

Mariella's medicine: A Spoonful Of Bisexuality

3311788402_13de5d5fd0In this week’s advice column in the Guardian there’s a lot of good advice from Mariella Frostrup. A man writes in to say that he’s recognised his fiancee’s father as someone her had sex with once and that he’s now being pressured by him to come out as bisexual to his beloved. Her advice is pretty spot on. Be honest, be true to yourself. Don’t allow yourself to be blackmailed. I cannot quibble with that. But although that medicine is good, I think the spoon could do with some work.

People Have Attractions, You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

Here’s the thing – when I was younger I went out with both men and women (and some others, for what it’s worth) which my wife knows all about. But I don’t think she realises how tall some of my exes are. I’ve not sat down and spelled out for her that when I’ve said that I don’t find height an issue what this actually meant. Some of them were really tall. Others really short. And, if I’m honest, the sex was variable but it was definitely with a range of different statures.  As Mariella writes: “it’s not conducive to happiness as a couple for one partner to be deluded about the true nature of the other”.
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"A Tale of Two Cities, Made of Cola"

Cola Glass

The other day I asked my wife suddenly “What’s the third cola?”

I explained that I was trying to come up with an analogy for bisexual invisibility. Some people assume everyone they see is straight, unless they look gay. Others would look around the carriage and think “Straight, gay, straight straight, gay, gay, god knows”. But few people look at a stranger and when they think “Straight” or “Gay” actually mentally add “or bisexual”, especially not to both cases.

It’s like Coke and Pepsi, I said. The big two are so well marketed that everyone assumes there isn’t a third.

She pulled a face then. “Don’t use that as an analogy for bisexuality! Other colas are disgusting – no-one likes them! You thinking of supermarket colas, right? Weird stuff. Marks and Spencer own brand cola. Tesco Value.”

I laughed and suggested Tab. Coke and Pepsi are so popular that people forget there are other brand names, that have followings, have fans, thousands and thousands of them.

But this is the thing – people forget to list them. Worse, it doesn’t occur to them that it’s a list, or that the list can be longer than two. If it’s not Coke, it’s Pepsi, and if it’s not Pepsi it’s Coke. It’s the same with sexuality – people aren’t forgetting the third (and fourth and so on) from the list because they’ve been brought up to not think of it as a list. It’s a pair. It’s one or the other.
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