"A queer call to arms": Why I'm setting up a bi youth group

blogging-15968_1280When I began volunteering for the National Domestic Violence helpline last year I did some research into LGBT charities that did youth or other types of support for LGBT people that I could volunteer for. I found a few I was interested in including London friend, PACE and Gendered Intelligence that do the sorts of things I’d like to help with. For example, sex education, events, one to one support and mentoring, mental health and creating spaces so that people can get together casually. I tend to stay away from LGBT groups that purport to be for LGBT people but only have “lesbian” and “gay” in their title or conveniently forget to talk about bi, trans or queer people on their website. Something which is a lot more common than one would think. So that might have cut a fair few charities and groups out that might actually infact do bi specific events. Recently I have become interested again in finding an LGBT charity that works with youth groups in London and though I know about a couple of bi coffee evenings that are more adult centred, I have failed to find any kind of bi specific support or youth mentoring.

This realisation got me thinking about other projects I have left on the back burner for the past five months, including writing more and creating a queer/bi zine. Though I have done bi events before I have always had the back up of an already established, and usually university funded, LGBT group. Though even then it was a fight to gain the support from the gay men that predictably ran the society.

So, my intention is to set up a bi/queer youth group for those in the middle of the spectrum whether that is through sexuality or gender (or alternatively not on the spectrum at all) and to find out more about people and groups that are trying to do the same, if they exist!!

I have created a Tumblr with the intention of soon firing it up and using it to reach out to people, answer questions and find out what people want and what they think is missing from the LGBT community for bi youth.

If any one wants to get in contact with me regarding this project, has any information for me about other bi groups that may exist, wants to ask questions or has any ideas please get in touch. I am available by email at alice.ryder1@btinternet.com or tumblr at aliceryder.tumblr.com or the prospective group’s tumblr at biqueeryouthlondon.tumblr.com (though it is pretty bare at the moment). And please share this with people you think will be interested or have any valuable information for me.

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Alice Ryder

Alice is a bisexual activist, blogger and gender warrior. She recently finished her Masters in Gender so splits her time between the fetish goth scene (she means finding a job) and volunteering for the National Domestic Violence Helpline. You can follow her on Tumblr (link- aliceryder.tumblr.com) and Instagram (link-aliceryder)

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