"When I knew…": Kate Spencer's first girl crushes



“It was that entrance…”

Cameron Diaz

It all started with Cameron Diaz in The Mask. It was that entrance.

Oh my goodness, that entrance. It was the red dress, those legs that went on forever, and the slow motion head shaking the rain out of her hair; I was transfixed. My reaction was exactly that of Jim Carey’s when they cut back to him. She was exquisite. Vibrant, young, and sexy, she was my first inkling that girls could have a hold on me. I practised that leg thing with my thigh-high split school skirt, though it had less of an impact with my short stumps. My tape of The Mask was watched ragged. And that gold dress in the club scene? Gee baby, she really was good to me.



Sandra Bullock


“Sandra Bullock – your name is faintly ridiculous but your charisma is truly magnetic”

Ah, Sandra Bullock. Your name is faintly ridiculous but your charisma is truly magnetic. Her typical girl-next-door with a feisty edge in Speed was alright but it was the skin-tight leggings and fun-loving cop of Demolition Man that got me. Never mind that Sylvester Stallone is my ultimate obsession and ideal man (seriously, put him in front of me and I’d be a puddle of a Kate, burbling incomprehensibly) but side by side with my beloved Sandy? Hngh.

That odd (non)sex scene where flashes of her ‘O’ face intercut with Sly’s was fuel for my masturbatory fire. I wished I could share a fluid transfer with her. As Lenina Huxley would say: “Oh my”.


“Whatever you say…”

Eliza Dushku

Eliza Dushku you saucy minx. Rawr! As Faith in Buffy the Vampire Slayer with your attitude and your “five by five”s and your wicked cool demeanour, and that slightly sick and twisted edge, you staked your claim on my heart in the craziest way. Those twinkling dark eyes with a hint of madness, the thick lustrous hair that I once tried to emulate – forget lesbians Willow and Tara (and the later, less memorable lot), it was Faith I worshipped.

I marathoned the somewhat ridiculous Tru Calling (with a young, less beardy Zach Galifianakis – I liked him before he was cool, people!) for her, I made it through Dollhouse and its daft ending for her; I’d pretty much do anything for her.

Marilyn Monroe


“Marilyn cemented my enduring affection for curvy girls”

A little bit more old school, but definitely around the same time thanks to my mother’s obsession with Some Like it Hot, enter Marilyn Monroe.

I shared my father’s adoration of her without ever telling him I was looking at the same thing. Her unsupported, pendulous breasts jiggling with her shoulder shrugs during the number “I Wanna Be Loved by You” were nothing short of mesmerising. She was a naïf, innocent yet bafflingly sultry with it, and I adored her. She cemented my enduring affection for curvy girls and I never cease to be amazed by her. You want to be loved by me, Marilyn? You are, my dear, you are.

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A Jill of all trades, mistress of none, Kate has tried everything: prison psychology, volunteering with homeless people, teaching English abroad, and editing a magazine in China (thankfully not in Chinese!). A born procrastinator, she's been working on her autobiographical sex book for the past four years and has got nowhere. She's hoping to find some motivation on the open road - a born traveller she's hoping to leave for America very soon. Happiest performing her comedy poems at spoken word nights and getting inordinate amounts of attention, Kate is a whirlwind of a woman.

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