Preview: Lesbian Prom @ Scala this Saturday!

1522970_10151761129545670_1341520160_oMissFit presents its first ever ‘Lesbian Prom’ event, this Saturday 15th March from 9pm to 5am @ Scala in London’s Kings Cross

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always really wanted to exorcise the memory of my school prom. Yes, that was me, stomping awkwardly into a sea of classmates as they wrapped engagement-ringed hands round their Lynx-drenched teenage boyfriends, with my slightly terrified female date in tow. Within an hour I was already vomiting copious amounts of fuschia-coloured punch everywhere – probably a pretty much 50/50 result of a) drinking too much of it and b) hearing the 95th Justin Timberlake track in a row.

Imagine my delight when I discovered I could have another stab at becoming Prom Queen – or at the very least the chance to prom it up to a wicked soundtrack with a proper grown-up drink in my hand, minus the bitchy whispers… Continue reading