Samuel Fletcher

UKIP councillor brands bis "part-time homosexuals"

Samuel Fletcher

Samuel Fletcher

Samuel Fletcher, town councillor for Bracken Bank and Ingrow Ward in Keighley, told his Facebook friends yesterday that he thinks that both bisexual and transsexual people are “part-time homosexuals”.
 reported that he elaborated on this theory by adding that

a bisexual person is homosexual, it’s just that they’re, if you will, a part-time homosexual who can also be a heterosexual

while members of the trans community “changed their own sexuality [sic] to appeal to appeal to members of the opposite sex”.

Here is the full exchange from his facebook page:

Samuel Fletcher's Facebook Rant

Samuel Fletcher’s Facebook Rant

All those years we’ve been searching for a perfect way to explain bisexuality to people who don’t quite get it, and here it is – at last.

Oh. Dear.