femme erasure

"Out-siders": Being Femme and Bi in Queer Spaces

The_Feminine_Eye_-_Photo_by_Alyssa_L._MillerI have previously written about my struggle with my appearance not being read as queer as I would like. Both alone and even less when I am with my partner. Though I am alternative, a lot less than I used to be as a teenager, in certain ways I do conform to female stereotypes. I have long hair, I wear makeup, I wear dresses and skirts (in fact I don’t even own jeans or trousers), and an obscene amount of jewellery. There are ways in which I don’t however. You will never see me in heels. 99% of the time I wear Dr Martens boots that are perpetually untied, my hair is not kept and glossy because I crimp it so it’s usually huge and wayward, my nail varnish will always be chipped and my facial piercings, black clothing and dark lipstick usually seem to put people on edge.

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