You Gov Poll Shows One In Three US Millennials Identify As Bi

girls-685778_640A study conducted by YouGov found that 29% of American under-30s surveyed placed themselves somewhere between one and five on the Kinsey Scale (zero being completely heterosexual and six being completely homosexual).

Seventy-eight percent of respondents identified as straight and 14% identified as gay.

Reporting on the study, YouGov said: “Younger Americans are noticeably less likely than their elders to put themselves in a firm category. While 80% of all Americans say that they are completely heterosexual or homosexual only 66% of under-30s say the same.”

“The older someone is the less likely they are to say that they have fluid sexual attractions. 24% of people aged 30 to 44 say that they’re somewhere on the scale of bisexuality, compared to 8% or less of over-45s.”


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Charlotte Dingle

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