Nigerian Woman Wanted for Crime of Being Bisexual

IMG_20160428_114759Chinyeaka Immaculata Onwuzurike is wanted for “being involved in Bisexual Activities”.  

A notice placed in a Nigerian national newspaper, believed to be the Daily Times, asks that anyone who has ‘relevant information’ as to the whereabouts of  Onwuzurike of Lagos should contact the police.

A photograph of the notice was shared yesterday to social media by Seun Kuti, son of afrobeat originator and human rights activist Fela Kuti. It is believed the ad appeared on 27 April.

Throughout Nigeria it is a crime to engage in same sex sexual activity; the offence carries a 14 year prison sentence. The crime of supporting LGBT rights carries a prison sentence of ten years.  In some states of Nigeria, the threat of capital punishment also exists.

It is not currently clear if Onwuzurike is wanted for engaging in a same-sex sexual activities or simply being a supporter of LGBT rights.

President Muhammadu Buhari, currently in the USA,  this week told President Obama in no uncertain terms that  Nigeria would not change its stance on same sex relationships, calling homosexual behaviour ‘abhorent’.

Some commentators in the Nigerian press and blogosphere have suggested that the ad may have been cynically placed in order to support an Asylum application, however Biscuit can find no evidence to support this view.



This story is developing.


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