London bi club night "Greedy" is back this Sat… :)

“Greedy is back this Saturday 11th October!”

Biscuit chats to organiser Jessica Burton about the resurrection of London bi club night Greedy this coming Saturday 11th October…

“I had to put Greedy on hiatus to concentrate on setting up my freelance career. But we had really good bi representation at Pride London this year, and lots of people were coming up to me and asking if I was thinking of bringing Greedy back… Then I went to the Summer House, an event run by the wonderful Tobias Fauntleroy Slater, and crewed for them and people there were trying to talk me into setting it up again as well. So I started to think, well, I reckon I’m financially stable enough as a freelancer now that I can do it, and there’s clearly a lot of interest…

“I’m hoping it will be regular again now. I’ve got a room at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club sorted for October, November and December. I’d ideally like to be able to get another venue, too, somewhere more central. I don’t want to promise anything but it would be really nice to make it more often than a monthly event in 2015.

“You don’t often get explicitly bi spaces and there isn’t a mainstream bi clubbing scene – I think it’s the only ongoing bi night running in the UK at the moment. A bi crowd is normally really lovely and accepting. We have experience of being marginalised by a group that is themselves marginalised, so it’s a very understanding atmosphere! Add in the fact that it’s London and you just get a really mixed crowd. We get people aged from 18 to 60, with a good ethnic mix, and it’s normally at least about 10% trans.

“Our DJ, Angelica (Riotstar), is great. She’s got a lot of energy – and fabulous pink hair! Bi people are united in being bi, but their musical taste is obviously completely varied – there isn’t really ‘bi music’ per se. No matter what you do you’re going to alienate a lot of the audience, so we really try to exercise damage limitation by running a requests-based policy when it comes to tunes. Ha ha! If we don’t get enough requests we default to riotgrrl and punk. And we’ve got plans to run a 90s rave theme in the future!

1924376_344210982419340_389092334739724607_n“The name is of course pretty controversial! But we all get it, the ‘greedy’ thing. Everyone who’s bi has been called that at least once. I started the night in Bristol, where there was a gay night called ‘Wonky’ and a lesbian night called ‘Liberty’, so I thought I needed something to tie in with that group of names. The bi group in Bristol weren’t sure about it at first but they eventually agreed! Someone saw a copy of the poster at the gay venue where we were running the night and posted it on Tumblr saying ‘I’m not bi, so I have to ask – is this really OK with bi people?’ I had to wade in and explain that actually it was OK, just a bit tongue in cheek – like ‘reclaiming’ the words ‘queer’ and ‘dyke’…

“This being a club night, and not a talking space, I did think ‘Greedy’ was a good name. Lots of bi meet-ups are exclusively talking spaces, so the name differentiates between the two quite effectively!

“I’m super-dooper excited about this Saturday, anyway. The room has a capacity of 150 and I’m confident we’ll get at least that – I would advise people to get there early so they aren’t turned away!”

The next Greedy takes place on Saturday 11th October from 10pm to 2am at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club. Add yourself to the Facebook event here.

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Charlotte Dingle

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