About Us


thisisbiscuit.co.uk is the online branch of Biscuit, a mixed purpose organisation catering to modern bisexual women, femmes and those assigned female at birth. If you’re at the intersection of biphobia and misogyny, we’re here for you.

Biscuit appreciates that bisexual people express their sexuality in all sorts of ways: from one end of the Kinsey scale to the other, or not on it at all; in myriad relationship configurations, and with all sorts of lifestyles. We also recognise that gender is a spectrum, and we want to cater to anyone who experiences biphobia and misogyny.

We’ve built a platform, but we want you to use it; that’s why we’re turning our front page over to you.

We want our content to reflect our community, and that means passing the mic to you. You don’t have to be a professional writer to write for Biscuit – where’s the diversity in that? We value passion more than correct grammar and interesting thoughts more than ten dollar words. If you’ve got something to say, we want to hear it. Send your pitches to libby@thisisbiscuit.com

We do not currently accept speculative submissions of fiction or poetry.

But thisisbiscuit.co.uk is just one of the pies we’ve got our fingers in.

You can find us out in the community too, delivering workshops, talks and events, lobbying for change and advocating for bisexual women in LGBTQ organisations both locally and nationally. From local radio to BBC Woman’s Hour, small school halls to slick professional conferences, there are not very many environments that you won’t find us at home in.

To invite us to speak at your event, or to enquire about our workshops contact sayhello@thisisbiscuit.com

Where did Biscuit come from?

Biscuit was founded in 2014 by Charlotte ‘Lottie’ Dingle, previously editor of g3 magazine for lesbian and bi women which won the Stonewall Publication of the Year Award under her editorship, beating off competition from The Times, Financial Times and Metro. After two fruitful years at the helm, taking Biscuit from an unknown entity to a respected and engaged brand, Lottie resigned her editorship and handed over to Libby Baxter-Williams, an experienced activist who promised to continue Lottie’s great work and to make Biscuit the place for bi people .


Biscuit regards gender to be a spectrum and accepts self-identification.

Our advertising and sponsorship policy is currently under review.

You can read our comment policy here.