Stonewall Hosts First Ever Bisexual Role Models Training Day

2016-07-17 15.25.35A group of 39 bisexual people from a wide range of backgrounds met in London yesterday for the first ever Stonewall Role Models training day specifically for the bisexual community. 

Following the success of Stonewall’s LGBT Role Model’s Programme, the charity yesterday presented it’s first role model training day aimed specifically at empowering bisexual people to be role models to their communities.

The day began with a brief address from Stonewall Chief Executive Ruth Hunt (who then left in order to maintain the integrity of a bisexual-only space), before attendees were given the chance to reflect on what the words ‘role model’ meant to them and workshop ideas on how to create more inclusive environments and increase visibility of bisexual people in the workplace and in wider society through personal empowerment.  Hints and tips on how to feel confident as a role model, as well as ways… Continue reading

Ten Bisexual Pride T-Shirts to Rock this Summer

Like you needed an excuse to go shopping.

Show your bi pride and also your Neko Atsume love


£20 Redbubble

Pun like only a bisexual can with a cheeky Star Wars ref



£20 Redbubble

Provoke a conversation (that proves the slogan right)


£13.50 CafePress

Riff on a classic question

when did you decide

£various Spreadshirt

Stay subtle with an understated insignia


£14.92 Etsy

Make a statement for pan/bi unity


£23.75 Zazzle

Be a bisexu-owl


£17.52 Redbubble

Reclaim a stereotype or two

cake eater

£various Spreadshirt

Go simple and straightforward


£11.47 Etsy

Or be vaguely threatening


£25.65  Zazzle

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Your New Bisexual Anthem Has Arrived

San Diego Pride major leaguer  Alicia Champion has dropped the first video of her solo musical career. And, well, we’re pretty sure your earbuds won’t be rocking much else this summer.

….And… is that Buck Angel we spy there? Be still our beating hearts!

Pan on Campus: Biscuit Interviews Pansexuality Advocate Elle Long

elle2Pansexuality may be as old as the hills, but the pansexual movement is still young, and that means that it’s still a little mysterious to outsiders. We’re natural allies, and we’re nosy, too, so we caught up with advocate Elle Long to get the skinny on what’s happening in pan activism right now.

Hi Elle! First of all, tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do. How long have you been involved in pansexual activism and advocacy? What sort of things do you get up to as an advocate?

I am a junior at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, majoring in Political Science and Law, minoring in Ethnic Studies. I’m involved with the Speech and Debate team for the school but that’s about as sporty as I get!
My main focus in advocacy for pansexuality has been education and it started when I came… Continue reading

UK Government Releases Report on Transgender Equality

800px-Transgender_Pride_flag.svgAfter a long wait, the UK government has released its Report on Transgender Equality.

The report covers topics such as treatment of trans individuals by public services such as the NHS and the prisons service, the lack of sufficient statistical data on trans and non-binary identities, and the controversial ‘spousal veto’.

Crucially, the report recommends that  changes be made to the Gender Recognition Act (2004) to allow for self-determination of gender, and that provision should be made for 16- and  17-year-olds to apply for gender recognition, alongside a number of recommendations to counter discriminatory procedures, demands and behaviors exhibited by the National Health Service and its staff.

You can read the report here [.pdf].

To read the Non-Binary Inclusion Project‘s response to the report, click here [.pdf].

Four Last Minute Bi+ Crafts for Everyone You Forgot to Buy a Gift For

‘Tis the season for rampant consumerism. ‘Tis ALSO the season for probably forgetting to buy a gift for someone important. Don’t worry, Biscuit’s got your back, with a range of DIY gifts that will make you look like you’ve actually got your sh*t together. You can thank us later.

A box of cupcakes


Whip up a batch of your favourite cup cakes,  top with icing that shows off your bi pride, and no one will know you only remembered that you needed a gift for your local bi group leader when you woke up in a cold sweat at 4am. Unless they read Biscuit. Um.

A pair of  snazzy handwarmers


Ok, you’ll need to be able to knit or crotchet like the wind, but who doesn’t want extremely cosy wrists and freezing fingers? Find a free pattern on Ravely.

A unicorn horn


With equal… Continue reading

Booking opens for BiCon 2016

bicon2016logo689It’s that time of year again: booking is now open for BiCon 2016.

This year the three night event, taking place at the University of Central Lancashire, falls just days after the first EuroBicon for more than a decade. The team anticipates a greater number of first time attendees:

“There are three major airports within 60 miles of Preston, so you could hop over from Amsterdam in just a few hours,” they told Biscuit.

The event runs from 4th – 7th August in Preston and includes a packed schedule of workshops, seminars and talks as well as nightly entertainment.

To book your place, visit 2016.bicon.org.uk now.

15 People Making the Same Goddamn Pansexual Joke

640px-Paris_Tuileries_Garden_Facepalm_statueStop me if you’ve heard this one before…



  Continue reading

BiCon 2015, in tweets


As the last remaining delegates slowly dribble out of the university of Nottingham, it is time to look back on the packed weekend of classes, workshops and merry-making general and specific. And since we drank the bar dry of vodka, we’re going to need a little help remembering.

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You Didn't Hear it from Us 4/7/15

2014-05-Life-of-pix-legs-Sarah-babineauHere’s a round-up of some of the news, blogs posts and comment we missed this week.


Did… Continue reading