"Bisexual Pixies" by Jan Steckel


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Dude, you really needed to up your meds,
railing about lesbian grifters
who stole your work.

Maybe you mistook me for a soft butch
when my husband’s a hard femme
and I’m a bisexual pixie.

Didn’t you notice my pointed chin,
lipstick, plucked brows,
steel-toed boots?

Bisexual pixies vanquish even fairies.
You, po’ straight white boy, haven’t
a snow-blower’s chance.

My fortieth birthday I grabbed my hot bi babe,
went bar-hopping in the meatpacking district.
Found a red satin lounge,

asked for anything tall, wet and blue.
Bi babe said he’d have a Sprite.
Later, I said.

I chugged Blue Curacao Long Island Iced Tea,
twirled the city like Spin-Art.
Fairies bolted for holes.

Morning, babe’s mane was all elflocks.
Hot bi boy had his Sprite
every which way.

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Jan Steckel

My poetry book The Horizontal Poet (Zeitgeist Press, 2011) won a Lambda Literary Award. I am looking for a publisher for my short story collection Ghosts and Oceans. Website: www.jansteckel.com

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