Chloe Marshall

Chloe Marshall is a London-based freelance journalist writing for the Huffington Post, The Guardian, Diva and of course Biscuit. Chloe loves to write about gender, sexuality and feminism, with a healthy dose of travel and culture on the side. She's into chicks, chocolate and cats, in no particular order.

Biscuit recommends… L Fest (18 – 21 July)

Musician Erin McKeown will be performing

Funky folk music with Erin McKeown

Festival season is well and truly upon us, with the sun shining and Glasto taking place as we speak. But when you’ve driven down south, battled the crowds, got covered in mud, dodged the loos and enjoyed the main acts then you’ll have been there and got the grubby t-shirt. Not that there’s anything wrong with a bit of filth in the name of good fun, of course!

But this year, Biscuit’s first choice on the festival circuit is L Fest, a friendly, intimate and eclectic event with a lovely lady-loving twist. All ages, genders and orientations are very welcome, but the womanly presence will be celebrated from day one.

Set on a big green racecourse in Staffordshire, L Fest’s two big stages boast everything from live music and arts, to workshops, films and if you’re game, then sports. A multitude of musicians will… Continue reading

"Happy" by Carol Demech


“… bottles of medicine, syringes, IV bags and medical equipment…” Picture © Charlotte Dingle

Happy Fantucci’s bedroom looked like a hospital dispensary. Next to her bed was a rolling cart filled with bottles of medicine, syringes, IV bags, and medical equipment. Two tall bookshelves held more bottles of medication and supplies. Happy sat on her bed with an IV bag attached to her arm. She was especially tired today. Each day, she had less and less energy. Each day, she knew that she was closer to death. She had survived years of living her life on the edge and she was about to tip over. Her greatest fear was that if there were a heaven, she’d never get there.

Waiting for the IV drip to finish, she closed her eyes and prayed. “I know there ain’t no God but in case there is one, I need to talk to you.… Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE… "Skull": A true story


© MrPete103

Carol Demech helped bring up up one of the young men murdered by serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. Here she explains why she believes the victim’s mother’s bad parenting lead to his demise…

His skull was in the freezer.

That’s how he was identified.

My friend Pamela called to tell me the news.

We both cried, sobbed, wailed.

We both knew his mother killed him.

Jeffrey Dahmer did the deed but his mother killed him.

Her utter neglect and abuse killed him.

Every time someone mentions Dahmer’s name or his mother’s name, I grieve.

His mother is a member of the lesbian community and was my first landlady when I moved to Brooklyn in 1980.

She had six children – four biological and two adopted biracial boys.

Her oldest daughter lived on a Kibbutz in Israel, her oldest son lived with a friend in the city.

A daughter was… Continue reading

Fiction: "It Takes a Village" by Carol Demech

"I have to thank my best friend Jo for getting me into this business..."

“I have to thank my best friend Jo for getting me into this business…”

I have to thank my best friend Jo for getting me into this business. I can still remember the day that I met her at a women’s consciousness-raising group in 1972. Back then I was straight, a flower child, young and innocent. Jo walked into the meeting and I melted. She looked like John Denver and I was in love. It lasted for three months. I soon realized that I preferred women who looked more like Janis Joplin than John Denver. Jo and I remained friends and a year later she met Shelley. They have been together ever since.

Jo and Shelley live a more conservative life style than Ozzie and Harriet. I don’t want you to think that they are boring. It’s just that they’re to the right of white bread. They live in suburbia,… Continue reading

The trials and tribulations of playing hard to get

Playing Hard to Get

© Ehud Kenan, used under Creative Commons license

Chloe Marshall wonders how much thrill the chase really holds…

A man smiles at you across the bar, you coyly look back and then away, not wanting to seem too keen on the uptake. You might really fancy him, but you want to present him with a challenge, like a porcupine whose quills stand up on end when on the defensive. You might wait to give him your number, wait to reply to his texts, and generally behave in an evasive, aloof way when he asks to see you – purposely playing hard to get. Because, so the theory goes, you’re the mysterious oh-so-desirable woman, who he works extra hard to impress, thinking that you must be worth it in the end.

Does this dating mantra work, or will your pursuer just give up, concluding that you’re a selfish, self-centred cow?… Continue reading

Armpits4August: Ditch the razor and raise money for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome charity Verity…

a4a16jpg-copyThe Armpits4August campaign asks women to get sponsored to grow their armpit hair in aid of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) charity Verity. Chloe Marshall explains why she got involved…

At the tender age of 10 or 11, the razor made the first of its many journeys up and down my delicate armpits. I’d watched Mum do it many times, so when the time came I thought nothing of repeating her actions. By shaving off the sprouting signs of puberty, normality was restored and the relief was palpable. My underarms may have matched those of my younger siblings, but the whole process made me feel terribly grown up.

By the age of 14, womanliness had extended to wearing make-up and high heels, and the hair removal habit was spreading. “Don’t shave your legs,” Mum insisted. “Blond hair doesn’t show so you don’t need to. It’ll only come back all prickly… Continue reading

A piercing gaze: Biscuit's guide to showing your metal!

Pierced by Sara Marx

Pierced by Sara Marx

Body modification was once reserved for ancient tribes and underground subcultures, as rites of passage or to show commitment to a religion or lifestyle. Now, flesh tunnels and neck bars are a common sight on most busy streets. Chloe Marshall shines a spotlight on piercings, surface piercings and implants…


Ears, nose, lip, tongue, eyebrow… All becoming more and more common. Even some relatively corporate employers are now relaxing their rules and allowing a flash of diamond on an employee’s nostril to pass without comment. Of course, if your boss makes the evilest dictator look like Bambi, you can still get your belly pierced. Or something a bit naughtier. A nice little secret to think about in a long board meeting, eh?

Surface piercings

There’s a saying “If you can pinch it, you can pierce it!” – and it seems to be true… Traditionally, piercers only… Continue reading

Lipstick that sticks! Permanent make-up uncovered

Sick of mascaraed cheeks and lipsticked teeth? Chloe Marshall shows us the wonderful world of permanent make-up…

makeupPutting on make-up every day can feel like a chore, and yet some of us dutifully apply it every morning at the expense of extra time in bed. After a sweaty cycle or tube ride to work, said make-up may have migrated to another part of your face, making it less than presentable. Fortunately, semi permanent make-up offers a solution: have your eyeliner, brow liner and even lipliner tattooed on and then forget about it.

Micropigmentation is the technique used to apply particles of coloured pigment below the surface of the skin, using a fine needle at a depth of around two millimetres. Since a conventional tattoo goes in deeper at three millimetres, you can expect the make-up procedure to be significantly less painful than a tattoo. However, given that semi-permanent make up… Continue reading