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"This is not enough": t.A.T.u and bi erasure


“It was speculated that they weren’t really a couple from the moment they arrived on scene”

Why were the members of Russian pop duo t.A.T.u both dismissed as “fake lesbians”… when one of them was bi?

If you were alive in the early 2000s and near a radio or TV you probably heard of the band t.A.T.u, a russian girl duo consisting of Lena Katina and Julia Volkova. They burst on to the international music scene with their mega huge hit “All The Things She Said”. While a great pop song on its own right (all these years later and it still tops billboard polls) it featured something that was considered very shocking at the time. A same sex kiss between the singers and the content of the song was definitely queer. At the time of the recording of the original Russian version (the much more techno “Ya Soshla… Continue reading