Things to never say… – Part 1: "Have you got a boyfriend & a girlfriend?"

Part one of series in which Biscuit readers and writers give their responses to common misconceptions surrounding bisexuality…

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A Jill of all trades, mistress of none, Kate has tried everything: prison psychology, volunteering with homeless people, teaching English abroad, and editing a magazine in China (thankfully not in Chinese!). A born procrastinator, she's been working on her autobiographical sex book for the past four years and has got nowhere. She's hoping to find some motivation on the open road - a born traveller she's hoping to leave for America very soon. Happiest performing her comedy poems at spoken word nights and getting inordinate amounts of attention, Kate is a whirlwind of a woman.

3 Responses to Things to never say… – Part 1: "Have you got a boyfriend & a girlfriend?"

  • Dee Hazel says:

    At the same time, there are those of us who are bi and poly and who are poly at least in part because we are bi. We, too, can have loving, committed relationships. Many of us in poly arrangements who do date men and women and non-binary people don’t necessarily meet the stereotype of commitment-phobic and willing to date and/or sleep with anyone.

    And if you DO meet that stereotype? It doesn’t make you a bad person, and you are not setting the movement back by living your life on your terms. There is room for all kinds.

  • Meredith Lee says:

    I did have a moment of defensive panic. “Wait! I’m not hypersexual!” (as if it were a bad thing). I am bisexual, and my husband and I are currently exploring the possibilities of an open marriage. I believe I am polyamorous in part because and am bi, and that was very hard for me at first. I spent so much time fighting stereotypes – that bisexuals are perfectly capable of being in committed monogamous relationships, we don’t sleep with everyone, just because I’m also attracted to women doesn’t mean I need one – that when it hit me that I might be polyamorous, I felt (and still feels) like I was (am) betraying the movement. Uuuuugh! Why does it even matter who I sleep with?! It’s none of anyone’s concern! *Pout. Sigh*

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