United States Activists Call for Support from Across the Atlantic

<> on February 21, 2016 in Greenville, South Carolina.

<> on February 21, 2016 in Greenville, South Carolina.

President-Elect Trump has got lots of us worried. The UK has got a lot of reasons to be fearful of a Trump presidency, and rightly so, but our fears are minimal compared to those about to be living under Trumpian rule. We spoke to our across-the-Atlantic fave, Miles Joyner, about what we can do to support our American allies, and this is what they told us.

The United States are in turmoil once again. Marginalized groups are concerned about their safety, about the legislation that will start being passed. Will we keep our rights? Am I safe in public? Is my partner safe in public? Is my child safe in public? Many POC, Muslim, and LGBTQ individuals have been asking themselves that question for years now, yet with the recent election the question is more important than ever.  
Just like with Brexit, marginalised groups are concerned about spikes in hate crimes. They’re also concerned about losing the rights and funding they’ve had to fight for so long. With these fears it’s more important than ever to have the entire support of the communities involved. 
If you live outside of the United States of America, and are wanting to support your communities across the Atlantic, here are some suggestions. 
Donate to U.S. organisations that actually benefit those who need them.
This doesn’t mean find a non-profit that has “LGBT” in the name, this means do a little bit of 
research into popular charities/orgs and donate to the one that will do the most. You’ll need to be 
on the lookout for; 
Charities/organisations that claim they support POC, but have no POC on their leadership 
Sounds like a weird stipulation, but during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s there was a 
large problem with white individuals heading up charities intended to help POC. The money 
rarely got to where it needed to go. Not saying this is still a major problem, but it potentially still 
can be.  
Charities and organisations that support LGBTQ individuals, but have no history of giving to bisexual/MGA or transgender groups. 
Bisexual organisations are the least funded of all the LGBT orgs, and often do their own fundraising through word of mouth. Transgender organisations follow closely behind. 
Religious organisations that do not bluntly say “we support or Muslim neighbours”. 
Medical organisations like “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” 
For those who support reproductive rights, and the rights for those with wombs to do what they 
wish with their bodies, Crisis Pregnancy Centers are a no-go. CPC’s are known to have the appearance of pregnancy/health clinics like Planned Parenthood, but they are overwhelmingly anti-choice and do not fight for reproductive rights. 
Organisations for the disabled that blame vaccines for disabilities, see medication for mental illness as something that can be cured holistically, and see searching for “cure for Autism” as the ultimate fight.
Vaccines are not evil, Autism doesn’t have to be cured, mental illness is a struggle that can’t necessarily be cured by walking through the forest or using natural oils. 
Some groups that would love your donation and will do what they can to use your donation efficiently: 
National Council of Negro Women (an organisation that supports POC women) 
The Trevor Project (an organization that supports LGBTQ youth) 
Equality House (a shelter that supports LGBTQ youth) 
Planned Parenthood (a clinic found nationwide provided reproductive and over health assistance to anyone who needs it; supporter of reproductive rights) 
Council on American-Islamic Relations (an organisation dedicated working with American Muslims) 
Campaign Zero (an organisation that works against police violence) 
Native American Rights Fund (an organisation dedicated to Native American issues and community) 
Immigration Equality (an organisation fighting for the rights of immigrants in the U.S.) 
Sylvia Rivera Law Project (a trans focused organisation working towards trans rights) 
Center for Reproductive Rights (an organisation dedicated to maintaining and improving reproductive rights)
Comfort your U.S. friends, family, and fellow community members. 
 It’s a simple suggestion, but it’s an important one. Sending your U.S. activist friends/ or your U.S. community members a message checking in, offering a shoulder to cry on and a pillow to scream into can make a huge difference in their day. Not only will this help them, you’ll stay up to date on how things are going in the U.S. for marginalised groups. Don’t know anyone in the U.S. that’s a part of your LGBT+ communities? Join some Facebook groups/social network groups that have a global reach. Even if you’re just an ally to marginalised groups, offering to listen and support the people you care about can go a long way. 
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Miles Joyner

Miles Joyner is the creator and sole admin on Miles the Bisexual. They have written for The Matador Network and their own personal blog. They're just now starting to dive into bisexual activism after being out for about 5 years.

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