10 bi-fabulous things to do instead of going to Pride

800px-Dykes_on_bykesWith pride season well and truly upon us, Biscuit regular Valarie Clark-Neff talks us through some ways to honour your badass bi* self without putting up with the crowds…

I don’t know about you, but every year during Pride month I struggle with the thought of participating in our local parade. I love the people, the dazzle of rainbow colors, the dykes on bikes, the in-your-face queerness, and the sense of feeling comfortable with people who share my struggles.

What I don’t like are the crowds, noise, and heat. It’s all a little too much for this socially anxious person. I’m certain many of us struggle with similar issues whether it is anxiety, depression, disability, or any number of factors that keep us from participating. Pride is fantastic, but it’s not the only thing we can do to show pride in our community. So in the spirit of reaching out to my fellow bisexual misfits, here are 10 things to do to celebrate Pride month if the big crowds scare you away.

Listen to a bi playlist


I have a few favorites myself. There is long list of women blues singers who were bisexual and not afraid to sing about it. Then there is Janis Joplin, Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Lou Reed, Billie Joe Armstrong, Frenchie Davis, Lady Gaga – just to name a few. Crank up the music and belt out those songs that make you feel more alive.

Create a meme


This is not everyone’s cup of tea but certainly a fun thing to try. The fun increases when you rile up the biphobes with your astute commentary. There are several online apps and websites that let you create memes for free, and we always need more online visibility.

Play dress-up


Alter yourself in some magical way – permanent or temporary, it’s up to you. You could get a bi pride tattoo or dye your hair shades of pink, purple, and blue. There are impressive designs popping up everywhere these days. Mine tumblr, pinterest and good old Google Images for inspiration..

Curl up with your fave bi show


Pickings are slim, but the shows are out there. There’s Legend of Korra, Penny Dreadful, Sailor Moon, Orphan Black, Torchwood, and a few others that feature bisexuality in a nuanced, empowering way. Sometimes we just need to escape into a fictional world where our sort feature prominently as part of the story line.

Get crafty


Making something with your hands can be relaxing and rewarding. Stuck for ideas? There are plenty of bisexual creative people who knit/crochet/draw/paint/design, just search “bisexual pride” on Etsy for inspiration. The internet is one huge marketplace, so if you aren’t the crafty type, consider buying some of that handmade goodness to support our community.

Take a selfie


Look at you!  You are beating all the odds by surviving as a bisexual person in this exceedingly straight, oppressive world. Share your badass self with everyone and make waves for bi visibility.

Read some bisexual Lit


Although bi lit is still fairly scarce, that is gradually changing, making it easier for us bookworms to indulge ourselves.  If you are unsure about where to find books featuring bi characters, check out bisexual-books’ tumblr. They are a treasure trove of bisexual literature, showcasing fantasy/science fiction, romance/erotica, history, mystery, horror, and comics.  You are sure to find something there that suits your taste. Still stuck for a good book? Try one of the finalists of the Bi Writers’ Association Bi  Book Awards 2015.

Bake up some bi pride


Check out pinterest or do a Google search for bi cupcakes or cake and you’ll come across some pink, purple, and blue iced confections aplenty. Find a basic recipe online, or make up your own, then get decorating.  Don’t forget to take a photo of the end result and share it with the world: it’s practically compulsory.

Message your bi-BFF


Let’s face it. We bisexual folk are often isolated and unable to connect with others like us face to face.  So take some time and message a friend or friends just to let them know how amazing they are. When we build each other up, we all win.

Write something


Write anything!  Write a bisexual manifesto.  Compose a poem about our collective struggles. Pen a science fiction post apocalyptic YA novel with a bisexual protagonist. We need to hear more bi* voices. Every one of us has an important story to tell and the more we share our experiences, the more likely we are to change the world together.

Perhaps one day I will attend a Pride parade surrounded by loved ones and family. My wife will no doubt deck her wheelchair out with every sort of Pride flare imaginable. Our children will be there with us, celebrating our community, and I’ll put aside my social anxiety for a while. Until then, I have lots of writing, reading, and creating left to do.

Image 1 “Dykes on BIkes a San Francisco Pride 2005” by unknown. Public Domain. Via Wikipedia Commons

Image 2 “A beautiful girl listening to music with headphones” by Petr Kratochvil. Public Domain. Via freestockphotos.biz

Image 3 “Bisexual Femininja” by unknown. Used in good faith. Please get in touch if you own this image.

Image 4 “untitled” by Gromovataya. Public Domain. Via Pixabay.

Image 5 “Torchwood Screengrab”.by BBC. Public Domain. Via BBC.

Image 6 “Knitting a bi pride bracelet” by Aimee Rivers. Shared under CC BY 2.0. Via flickr.

Image 7 “untitled” by Ryan McGuire. Public Domain. Via gratisography.

Image 8 “woman reading Prato Italy” by lilith. Public Domain. Via Pixabay.

Image 9 “Birthday Cake” by White77. Public Domain. Via Pixabay.

Image 10 “untitled” by cherylhunt. Public Domain. Via Pixabay.

Image 11 “Startup stock photo” by unknown. Public Domain. Via stocksnap.io

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